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Image Medicine
One year training course 2012-2013
An intensive course of study Image Medicine, 17.12.12 - 11.01.13
Intensive advanced training course for Image therapist, 22.05 – 4.06.2013
Intensive course "Strategy of development ZYQ instructor", 2-15.05 2013
ZYQ seminar of Level II in Institute "Kundawell", 14-16.12 2012
ZYQ seminar of Level III in Institute "Kundawell", 28-30.04 2013
ZYQ seminar of Level IV in Institute "Kundawell", 17-19.05 2013
Your lication: Education

Institute "Kundawell"
An intensive course of study
Image Medicine

The course is intended for:

• Healers, Qigong practitioners, bioenergy-therapists, reiki, massage therapists;
• instructors and practitioners of ZYQ;
• physicians, implement innovative treatment methods, methods of Chinese medicine and traditional medicine;
• The Image therapists who have attended workshops on Image Medicine of Mingtang Xu (Parts I and II) in Russia and the CIS.

Within the scope of the course you will get the possibilitiy:
• learn how to diagnose various diseases by Image Medicine and TCM;
• learn how to treat common diseases by methods of Image Medicine and TCM;
• gain a unique experience as a student attending the sessions of diagnosis and treatment of Master Mingtang Xu and other professionals of medical department of the Institute "Kundawell".

Period of teaching: December 2, 2013 - January 26, 2014
Duration: 56 days.
Accepting of applications: up to November 25, 2013.

Please note: set the group is limited. To obtain questionnaire all participants need to send a request letter to the address: education@kundawell.com

Training program:

1. The main discipline: «Image Medicine»

Teachers: Mingtang Xu, Smirnova Olga, Kuznetsova Flyura.

• Basic theory.
• Diagnosis of diseases.
• Treatment by methods of Image Medicine.
• Practice of development the diagnostic and treatment abilities.
• Practical application of diagnosis and treatment skills.
• Specifics of Image therapist work.
• Examination (theory and practice).

2. Section «Traditional Chinese Medicine»

Teachers: Lee Binlin, Li Demin, Zhang Zihui.

• Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
• The theory of energy channels and points.
• Diagnosis of diseases by TCM methods.
• Theory and practice of acupressure.
• Use of cans in TCM.
• Chinese massage "Tuyna".
• The method of "Gouasha" (Chinese scraper).
• Medical burning with moxa cigars.
• Examination (theory and practice).

3. Section «The practice in the medical department»

  • Practice take place in medical department of Institute "Kundawell" in small groups. Specialists: Mingtang Xu, Smirnova O., Kuznetsova F., Dr. Lee, Dr. Zhang and others.

Cost of training :  30000 RMB (about $ 4950). Payment is accepted in cash in U.S. dollars, euro and RMB at the current rate on the day of arrival. You can pay by credit card or by bank transfer to the Institute.  

• The price includes usage of the internet (wi-fi) from 9 am to 6 pm.
• Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.
• Kundawell provides help in booking "Botai" hotel (2-bed room 150 yuan). Please note: Prices for accommodation can vary.
• Yoy can have 3 meals in the Institute "Kundawell" for an additional fee. Payment due for the entire period of stay.
• Registration and additional information at: education@kundawell.com
or by phone in Beijing (0086) 18618483448 Anna

Graduates of the course are issued by:

• Certificate of the Institute "Kundawell" about passing month training course on Image Medicine.
• Certificate of Researcher of  Beijing and the American Medical Research Institute "Kundawell".
• Level 5 Image Therapist Certificate (based on certification test).

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